Hiking in Slingia/Schlinig – summer and winter tips

Hiking in Slingia/Schlinig – where time follows the rhythm of nature and relaxation. A place where outdoor experiences are at the top of the list. Hike through rustic Val Venosta/Vinschgau and let yourself be guided by the birds chirping and the peaceful sound of the streams. Hiking in Slingia/Schlinig is synonymous for pure wellness for discoverers of all ages – both in summer and winter!


Hiking in Slingia/Schlinig in summer

Slingia/Schlinig in Val Venosta/Vinschgau is a wonderful starting point for hikes in the Sesvenna Group. Directly in front of our hotel in Slingia/Schlinig, numerous hiking trails start and lead you into the middle of the almost untouched nature of Val Venosta/Vinschgau, among green Alpine meadows and high above the Val Venosta/Vinschgau basin. Hiking is very popular in Slingia/Schlinig, families are especially happy about the variety, as are ambitious hikers.

Hiking in Slingia/Schlinig is great for the body, mind, and soul. We think there is nothing more energising than a hike in the nature of Val Venosta/Vinschgau, breathing in the fresh mountain air, and enjoying the view that sweeps over the peaks of the Sesvenna Group, the Ortles/Ortler Group, the Ötztal Alps, and Alta Val Venosta/Obervinschgau.

We recommend the adventure mountain Watles to families who wish to go hiking in Slingia/Schlinig, where numerous possibilities await the small and big adventurers. The Spielesee Lake (games lake) lives up to its name, the 3D archery course is an exciting park for the adventurous, and the many hiking routes promise fantastic experiences together under the Val Venosta/Vischgau sun. Biking is also very popular in Val Venosta/Vinschgau, read more about it here.

If hiking in Slingia/Schlinig is something of interest to you, we recommend a stop at one of the popular huts. The Sesvenna hut near the Swiss border has always played an important role in the Alps, the Höferalm is very popular with families, and the Schliniger Alm is also a cosy place to rest for hikers.

Tip: Leave your car behind and use the hiking taxi, which will take you from Slingia/Schlinig to the adventure mountain Watles and Burgusio/Burgeis.

Would you like to crown your time hiking in Slingia/Schlinig with an extraordinary panorama? Climb to the Watles cross – you’ll love the view!

Hiking holiday in Slingia/Schlinig during winter

A holiday in Val Venosta/Vinschgau is full of magical moments, even in winter. The snow-covered landscapes at the end of the Slingia/Schlinig valley radiates a unique tranquillity that can be discovered while hiking in Slingia/Schlinig. The quiet landscapes are truly places to gain new energy. Recharge your batteries while your gaze wanders over the Val Venosta/Vinschgau peaks. The world seems to stand still for a moment.

Those who set off for winter hiking in Slingia/Schlinig can head to the prepared winter hiking trails or put their snowshoes on and explore the untouched winter world. In the holiday region, guided snowshoe hikes are offered, among other things, during which you set off for the mountains accompanied by a certified hiking guide. Safety first – the mountain guides know the surroundings like the back of their hand and will accompany you while hiking in Slingia/Schlinig and the surrounding area. Night snow shoe hikes are also organised regularly, which is a very special highlight of every winter holiday!

The icing on the cake of every tour is a stop at one of the huts along the way, where you can warm up and have a meal. Treat yourself to a traditional Kaiserschmarrn (scrambled pancake) and an aromatic cup of tea – before you head back to the trails!

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